You have helped me tremendously.

I know FLO is the name of the business but my personal “flow” was previously was blocked. The most valuable takeaway is that I have the power to affect how my hormones affect my life. I never knew it was possible. The program it is literally everything I have been looking for laid out in front of me. I learned to put me in the center of my own life so that I prioritize planning meals and eating well. If anything else encroaches on my self-care, I don’t do it. It’s wonderful to know my future will be influenced by the work I have done over the past 3 months within the online system and one to one support. I have been a walking testimonial. Two of my friends joined the program because they saw the results I achieved. I highly recommend this program.

I went into labor very early that next morning after I had my appointment. Healthy labor, delivery,  momma & baby! Thank you!

When I started with FLO, I was hoping to learn how to balance my hormones and optimize my health as well as achieve a healthy weight. I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at 16 and this has been a struggle for me. By focusing on the protocol and this program, I felt more satisfied and less deprived when eating healthy. I learned what I should eat for my body. I take time for meals, I am prepared with snacks, ordering more veggies, plus making kale! I even created a girls night with a healthy twist. I spend less money on eating out and learned to prep food. I am doing more exercise and learned the different things that can affect our health including emotions.

I felt like a new person and was relaxed for a week straight. I became aware when my shoulders creeped up and became able to relax them.